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Argus - Legion cleared!

Another expansion with the final Curve Achievement - Yes Lads!

Dr. Zek Zoidberg

Donut bug or tentacle monster? Either way - dead!

Bad Alts wants YOU!

Bad Alts is now recruiting for Mythic ToS and beyond! Check out our recruitment on the right side and apply TODAY!
About us
<Bad Alts> is a guild primarily composed of experienced raiders on their mains now, with several hardcore progression members on their alt characters as well. Our raid days are Friday and Saturday from 20:00 to 24:00 server time. We finished Antorus with a Cutting Edge kill of Argus and will continue the mythic progress in BfA. All our mains and alts have full mythic & heroic experience form all previous content/expansions.

Social members and friends are welcome. :)

For more information, please read more here.