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Aggramar - phew!

He burned us, he beat us - but we got up and paid him back!

Coven completed.

4 Sisters and all their 4 tricks - not enough! Not enough!

Bad Alts wants YOU!

Bad Alts is now recruiting for Mythic ToS and beyond! Check out our recruitment on the right side and apply TODAY!
About us
<Bad Alts> is a guild primarily composed of experienced raiders on their mains now, with several hardcore progression members on their alt characters as well. Our raid days are Friday and Saturday from 20:00 to 24:00 server time. We are 10/11 M Antorus and 7/9M ToS, with our mains and alts having full mythic & heroic experience form all previous content.

Social members and friends are welcome. :)

For more information, please read more here.