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N'Zoth the old god – ready for rebirth!

... and with this kill we have successfully cleared another expansion and achieved the Cutting Edge. Thank you all!

See you In Shadowlands

Bad Alts will keep raiding and build friendships in Shadowlands – get in touch, we are a nice bunch!

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About us
<Bad Alts> is a guild primarily composed of experienced raiders on their mains now, with several hardcore progression members on their alt characters as well. Our raid days are Friday and Saturday from 20:00 to 24:00 server time. We have started BfA with a Cutting Edge kill and 20th on server and will look to get higher next tier. All our mains and alts have full mythic & heroic experience from all previous content/expansions.

Social members and friends are welcome. :)

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Diutacere / Sep 21, 2020
630 days of:

Azerite collecting – with Sharise in the top 10 of the servers, proudly wearing a neck over 100.
Protecting turtles although we all rather wanted to kill them – which easter egg will we find in Shadowlands?
Derlon leading headless chicken into the perfect choreography of an endboss dance. Thank you!
Gaining mounts and achievement points, honor and reputation.
DPS balance with random corruption procs.
The B.I.S. hunting in Azerite Traits and corruption.
The bliss of leveling Fishing and Archeology to 300 – again.
The utter questionable requirement of world pvp as a disliked content, but required performance enhancer.
Never ending work of rebuilding and maintaining a guild today! Big thank you to the supporting HR Department <3

See you all for more of the above (just without turtles hopefully) in Shadowlands!