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Invites start at 19:30 - 19:55 (server time)

  • There will be a short break which may be sometime 1-3 hours into the raid
  • If you go AFK without notice people on the reserve list may be asked to join in your place
  • Players will be invited to the raid and rotated in at the discretion of the raid leader

Loot is distributed using Master Looter
  • You will be asked to roll to determine who is interested in the loot, the number you roll will have no influence on whether you are given the loot or not
  • If you are not happy with a loot decision speak to the raid leader or loot master after a boss pull or at the end of the raid
  • If you cause drama over a loot decision it is likely the raid leader will look to replace you

Tactics can be discussed, but the raid leader's decision is final
  • Arguing over tactics will make the raid leader very annoyed and they may look to replace you
  • You are expected to show up with some idea of tactics
  • Feedback about a wipe or mistake should be given after a wipe is called or a kill is made - don't distract people with your bullshit
  • If you are not fulfilling the role you are required to fill you may be replaced for someone who can fulfil your role
  • Whoring is fine in some cases - if it leads to a wipe, or if you are whoring on progress you may be asked to leave
  • You are expected to use whatever voice server we have available and you are expected to use this to communicate effectively
  • Nobody will force you to speak, but if you don't communicate at a crucial moment or when asked a question,
  • you may be replaced

Nobody likes an arsehole - don't be an arsehole
Nobody cares how good you think you are
Nobody likes someone who is sarcastic and condescending

Banter is encouraged
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